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To advance workforce satisfaction and compatibility by enhancing employee quality and employer internal service quality.


To use its unique tools and techniques to develop a strategic roadmap for each client, to ensure that either singularly or collectively, they function effectively as part of a globally competitive workforce.



Etalon Global Solutions was incorporated on January 4, 2012 by Graham Rowe.  It began as a paper-based recruitment company. After two years, Graham handed the company to his mother, Dr Carolyn Hayle, while he went on to explore other new and exciting entrepreneurial pursuits. She saw EGS as an interesting challenge as she has extensive experience in work force development and sustainable development in both the USA and the Caribbean. Her doctoral dissertation entitled Creating a Strategic Competitiveness Framework for Caribbean Tourism earned her a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Sustainable Development. Her exposure and experience in the business environment, underpinned by degrees in Business Administration (BS) and General Management (MBA), has given Dr Hayle a deep understanding of the gaps in the workforce market. With this wealth of experience guiding her, she reorganized EGS into a subscription-based knowledge management technology company providing strategy and operations consulting services. She has systematically and painstakingly built out each product strand, testing, refining and evolving them into a combined product portfolio aimed at minimizing the mismatch between the workforce and the workplace.



Etalon Global Solutions (EGS) Limited, offers customized innovative workforce solutions unique to each client’s needs.  Focused on business model innovation, EGS applies its proprietary software, methodologies and management tools to address the requirements of individuals, firms, institutions and governments.  EGS creates, singular and/or collective, workforce solutions geared towards compatibility and global competitiveness.  


Our brand truth is:

Productivity and profitability intersect where a shared vision occurs.

Against this backdrop, EGS meticulously identifies, assesses and enhances a company’s attributes and employee competencies to create a compatible workforce.  EGS uses its technical capabilities to strategically map, analyse data and effectively align resources to create a globally competitive differentiator. 

In today’s business climate where competition is global, decision-makers are well advised to ensure that every employee is as productive as possible. Standards and certification are the international language of trade. More and better preparation is critical in gaining a competitive advantage. EGS achieves positive outcomes for our clients, by designing a roadmap, built on a company-wide shared vision and underpinned by a globally acceptable certification system.   

EGS Product Portfolio

The first element of the product portfolio to be fully developed was the individual segment. This strand houses the resume builder, the individual development plan, career development plan and the learning lounge. In 2015, to strengthen the individual’s credentials and chances of finding a compatible job placement, EGS applied for and was approved as a Pearson Centre for Workskills. Pearson is the largest global certification system and is quality assured in the United Kingdom. In 2021, approval was renewed and EGS now delivers a comprehensive suite of Pearson Qualifications and Products.
In addition, also in 2021, EGS signed an agreement with a Canadian company to offer game simulation to complement its proprietary interactive training workshops. These workshops, a bedrock of the individual development plan, provide a sound understanding of self and affords an individual the opportunity to determine their level of decision making, leadership, digital marketing and accounting skills. Combined, these tools sharpen critical thinking skills, which are necessary prerequisites for being a member of a productive work team.
The firm and institutional components were the next to be developed. The products offered in these components are aimed at creating distinct differentiators for each type of entity. Business model innovation is the foundation on which these products have been designed, developed and are delivered. The most significant breakthrough for EGS came in 2015 when its Principal was invited by a family-owned group of companies in Jamaica to facilitate their Corporate retreat. This intervention proved so successful that it evolved into a four-year collaboration during the Group’s five-year strategic planning period of 2015 to 2020. This experience led to the development of a proprietary methodology aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness at strategic and operational levels.
In 2022, EGS was asked to lead the re-engineering of a 115-year-old private institutionally accredited university in Jamaica. Using the balanced score card methodology, interspersed with its proprietary tools and the trademarked Verified Career Portfolio (VCP) software, EGS guided the university through a strategic mapping exercise, which resulted in a 28-year scan of the environment. The institution has successfully re-engineered and repositioned itself. The strategic mapping exercises used foresighting to energise the staff, stimulate discussion and thinking about issues relating to the environment, society and governance (ESG) and climate change, as well as other topical issues that will impact its existence leading up to 2050.
The government component was developed under the scrutiny and with input from many public sector entities and professionals. This segment too has met with success and affirms the export potential of the EGS portfolio of products. This component was introduced to four cabinet members and the public and private sectors in one country, and two statutory corporations in another. They all gave their blessings and have expressed a desire to subscribe to the platform. EGS’s product portfolio is being introduced to regional and global clients.
EGS is also a labour market intelligence system that collects and aggregates data from all strands of the portfolio. When combined with the other elements the system is unique as it provides valuable insights into the labour market and knowledge economy of any country. These data sets are useful for strategic long-term development, attracting inward investment and developing a robust system of innovation.
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The team at EGS is comprised of individuals with significant expertise and skills in their areas of influence and is bolstered by access to several consultants. The core team is comprised of:

Defining your Differentiator.

PROPRIETRY SOFTWARE VCP Individual employees employers and governments. Gathering data from individuals firms, institutions and governments. Leads to identifying talent, preparing the talent against market demands, and using data analysis to strategically position client in the most effective competition space. To identify the talents and skills of potential employees while creating a workforce inventory that can be used to position companies, industries, institutions and countries in their respective competitive market segments.
MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Oriented to companies in terms of developing commercial strategies through the use of market intelligence to create unique talent acquisition, and commitment maps for each entity. However, the knowledge management system is applicable to both institutions and governments. Listening carefully to the client, -Analyses the baseline information to suggest an appropriate intervention. -Using proprietary management tools to craft a strategic map and resource alignment strategy. In tandem with proprietary methodology and balanced score card, create a highly efficient and effective workforce that share a common vision. To align human and financial resources in support of a long-term strategy.
PEARSON CERTIFICATION CENTRE As a Pearson Approved Centre advise clients on their individual gaps or company’s workforce competences. Enrol clients in the EGS Learning Lounge and support their learning journey. Adhering to the business consulting services to improve the quality of the employees and individuals within the labour force inventory. Leads to control of the career journey and ultimately job satisfaction. To ensure talent fit for purpose, certified and compatible with corporate values, and positioned to compete.

The Team

The team at EGS is comprised of individuals with significant expertise and skills in their areas of influence and is bolstered by access to several consultants. The core team is comprised of:

Carolyn Hayle

Director, Principal and lead consultant

Graham Rowe

Founder And Director

Luz Johnson


Sandra Wint


Michael Small


Paperless Solutions Ltd.

Data Comptroller

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