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Frequently asked Questions

     No, EGS is not an employment agency, it matches talent with opportunities.  The Individual is not charged a fee.  Companies subscribe to the VCP site to be able to post jobs, showcase their company, to find talent and gather data about their competitiveness.

EGS will only share your data if you instruct us to do so.  Please review our privacy policy.

Yes, you may contact EGS to set up a Learning Management intervention based on your gaps.  Etalon Global Solutions is a Pearson approved Centre.

Yes, it can as it is a Pearson Approved Centre (BTEC, WorkSkills and LCCI).

The job postings are refreshed every Wednesday and Sunday.  If a company wishes to keep its jobs up to date it can do so once it is a subscriber to the site.

Your name will only be sent to an employer, if you instruct us to do so.  Once the system matches you with a job opening it will signal to the EGS Administrator that there are matches.  Assuming we have your prior approval, we will send a notification to you and a list to the company who has the vacancy.

Yes, EGS can schedule appointments for interviews at Career Fairs, once the Institution hosting the Career Fair and the Companies displaying at the Fair agree.  This minimizes long waits.  

Yes, Institutions are encouraged to showcase their offerings so students know where to go to pursue qualifications and certifications in their area of interest.

Yes, governments can use the VCP to showcase the talent pool within a country.  They can also establish for investors how quickly they will be able to have the human resources in place to be hired by the investor, based on the availability of programmes and graduation times.

Yes, governments can use the VCP to determine the numbers, levels and institutions by industry and programme that reside within a Country. It can also use this important information to determine where there are gaps in training and the Country’s competitiveness.

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